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Congratulations on deciding to run your own business! Few things are as exciting and rewarding as becoming your own boss, working on something that directly benefits you and your family, and taking control of your career and financial future.

Investing in an existing brand feels like a shortcut and a safer route compared to launching something from scratch. And in many ways, it is. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy, that you don’t have to proceed with caution, or that there aren’t potential pitfalls in the startup phase.

That’s where we come in.

The law mandates a 14-day period between receiving disclosures and signing the sales contract. That’s your chance to do your due diligence on the company history, financial statements, and reputation, as well as the contract itself.

Sadly, many investors don’t take full advantage of this opportunity. This sets them up to be blindsided by unexpected circumstances or terms that can lead to financial disaster.

It’s important to protect yourself by having someone with appropriate legal training and experience make sure everything is as it has been represented to you. We review legal and financial disclosure forms and your contract and perform thorough company background research.

Why Use Paralegals?

Our paralegal services aren’t only much better than not referring to any legal expert, they’re also more affordable and efficient than using a lawyer.

Lots of people ask, “But isn’t it smarter to use a lawyer over a paralegal?”

We like to let them in on a little industry secret: Your lawyer hands all this off to a paralegal in the office. But you pay for the lawyer.

What we do for you


that the business & all locations are real & properly registered


the company’s history, holdings, interests, & financial standing

Look for

any possible conflicts of interest that may affect your investment


financial reports for misleading info, anomalies, & red flags


past and pending litigation & rulings pertaining to the company


past customers (which we can do, even if you contractually can’t)

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